Sacred Breath

a free gift for you

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Sacred Breath

A free gift for you.

a four part ecourse designed to uplift and inspire your everyday sacred

Press pause, access joy, experience divine rising

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What is Sacred Breath?

We have come to a place and time where self-care has become non-negotiable in order for us to live fully and thrive. With the arrival of a new age in technology, always ‘on’ energetic living, has catapulted our bodies into an over-stimulated, noisy world 24-7.

More than ever before we must go deep to fully nurture, cultivate health and wellness, awaken to wholeness, creating intentional support for yourself and your body. Utilizing the tools to harness the power and energy that lies within the breath allows easeful access to purposefully connect to your divine feminine wisdom, sacred essence, deep peace, abundant grace, and overflowing joy to elevate and prosper through these challenging times.

Sacred Breath is my gift to you.

Find your sacred. Start Living everyday sacred TODAY.

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Inner Sanctuary

a women's wellness collective + soulful community

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find your sacred

live a wild & wondrous life

start now

n u r t u r e


you are sacred

you were born sacred + you die sacred

start living sacred

Empowering you to elevate life's ordinary mundane moments into wild and wondrous beauty, deep peace of connection, abundant grace, overflowing with joy.

Live fully, awaken to wholeness, access holistic wellness, cultivate divinely soulful connections,

embrace your sacred.


e m p o w e r

with a

new paradigm of self-care

s o u l - c a r e

a holistic + dynamic approach to wellness

encompassing the body, mind, and soul spirit.

harness the energy + power of creation

align with the nurturing wisdom of mother earth

e l e v a t e


meet your sacred feminine guide

Wendy Snobl

Wendy is your guide to finding + connecting with your sacred feminine essence. She embodies divine feminine wisdom which enables her to hold the portal open to gently allow access to your own sacred feminine, creating connection to deep peace, overflowing joy, and abundant grace.

Experience yourself in wholeness, find gentle rhythms to elevate your daily life to one of wild & wondrous beauty, empowering you to create the life you crave.

Wendy teaches through a new paradigm of self-care, soul care, addressing the Whole Woman. This divine feminine approach is ground-breaking new work utilizing ancient wisdom technologies and tools intentionally designed to unite multi-faceted, modern living with framework that soothes, nurtures, and restores holistically.

She teaches you to approach your daily life, routines, in such a way as, all is sacred, you are sacred, where a magical alchemy happens awakening you to elevated, conscious living.

As if by miracle, ease, beauty, peace, and graceful abundance permeate everything you do.

Deep connections forge within you, and you begin remembering your sacred feminine, hearing your soul's true purpose and calling.


embrace your sacred

  • Find + connect with your sacred divine feminine. Access your inner wisdom, and intuition.

  • Experience renewed energy, vibrancy, a calm, quiet center.

  • Discover radical self-care, delivered at soul level, transformational soul-care.

  • Awaken to your wholeness utilizing tools and wisdom offerings from Everyday Sacred Living.

  • Learn gentle pathways to love and deeply nurture yourself as a sacred feminine woman.

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Say YES to you.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

~ Mary Oliver

t r a n s f o r m

your life

Sacred Breath

Sacred Breath is my free gift to you. Find your sacred, and start living a wild & wondrous life TODAY.

"I was able to experience 'Ahas' and connections that allowed me to access a deeper level of healing than I even imagined."


"Wendy has a gift. She has guided me to find a level of awareness and healing that was even deeper than I was hoping for."

- g.d.


Everyday Sacred Living's mission is to provide practical tools to nurture, uplift, and empower the Whole Woman through deep, authentic connection to your own sacred divine feminine wisdom, elevating your daily life to one of wild and wondrous beauty.

"Wendy’s integrity, caring, and skills are a unique channel for the Divine. A truly healing experience."


May you be heard,

may you be held,

may your sacred essence + beauty be seen.

May you be deeply nurtured



May you live everyday



Wherever you are, I will meet you there.